About Atlanterhavsparken

Since 1998, the foundation Atlanterhavsparken has been one of northern Europe’s largest and most unique sea water aquariums. As the Norwegian aquarium, we are a showcase for life along the Norwegian coast and the Atlantic. Facing the ocean, the rich fishing grounds and the deep Norwegian fjords, the visitors can observe, experience and learn about life at sea – the natural way. Every day, we convey real experiences in real surroundings to more than 130.000 annual visitors, and our vision is to be Europe’s most distinctive experience centre connected to life at sea and marine activities within 2020.
Our purpose is: "To run an official aquarium with naturally accompanying facilities in Ålesund, in order to communicate knowledge and create interest for life at sea. In addition, illustrate the connection between resources at sea and marine based added value, and together with other institutions to commit research connected to life at sea".
The aquarium is an architectural gem, located in spectacular surroundings at Tueneset, 3 km from the centre of Ålesund.

In 2014, Atlanterhavsparken received the Byggeskikkprisen (architectural prize) and Olav Høydals Minnepris (memorial prize) for its excellent building architecture and placing of outdoor areas in the existing surroundings. The architect’s name is Torstein Lervik.

In 2013 and 2015, Atlanterhavsparken was elected as the Best Aquarium in the Nordic countries bywww.barnsemester.se

In 2016, Atlanterhavsparken received the county of Møre og Romsdal’s Tourism Prize.

Our employees, in addition to part time helpers and summer substitutes, work their best every day in order to make Atlanterhavsparken a real, exciting and enthusiastic experience.
We wish you welcome to an adventurous and inspiring visit at Atlanterhavsparken!