Feeding of fish and animals

Diving show at 13.00 (during the period 1st of June to 31st of August also at 15.30)

Every day, the large fish are being hand-fed by the diver in the largest tank Atlanterhavstanken. The tank with four million litres of sea water is full of among others greedy cod, halibuts, catfish, conger eels and salmon. As the first course is being served, the appetite and instinct of the fish crowd are awakened. When the diver meets hungry fish larger than himself, bringing a bag filled with octopus, herring and mackerel, the stage is set for a magnificent show!

You can experience the diving show every day, all year round at 13.00. During the period 1st of June to 31st of August, you can also enjoy the show every day at 15.30.

Penguin feeding at 14.30

The penguins are naturally stately dressed. When the aquarist is feeding them, he is of course also wearing a tuxedo. During the feeding, the aquarist will tell about the penguins, which ones are born here and where the other ones come from. You will see how they arrange themselves by rank, and which ones will receive special treatment from the aquarist. The penguin feeding takes place every day at 14.30.

Feeding of the seals at 15.00

Every day at 15.00, the visitors can watch the seal feeding in the Sealbay.

The seven Harbour seals; five misses from abroad and two young gentlemen from the Lofoten islands are all used to some extra action around their meal. Herring is delicious and well deserved if they can have some fun in the pool. Come and see!