Our first baby seals have arrived

Baby boom in the Sealbay

The month of June has been fertile for Atlanterhavsparken. Four seal births in four weeks - what a baby boom!

We have been looking forward to this, and the seal colony is now a fact. Having five seal madams, this is a really good sign of the well-being among the seals. "Daddy-seal" Knut is proud and happy to be a father. The first baby seal, however, had a somewhat rough start, because the mother did not want to have anything to do with it. In nature, this sometimes happens - the baby seal is abandoned and gets the name "howler". Fortunately, our skilled aquarists have provided an excellent service. The seal is in good shape and has already become a favourite among the audience.

The seals will have their names, but no name competition this time

None of the seals has their name yet, but they will within a short time. This time we will have the pleasure of finding the right names and here is an explanation of how we do it. When we started planning the Sealbay, our main focus was on letting all animals at the aquarium live close to their natural habitat, which means they should be as little influenced by humans as possible. When they now receive their names, each seal is registered and its wellbeing mapped and documented. The Sealbay, which is the largest seal construction in Europe, provide the seals with a total of six thousand square metres to romp about. Except for their regular meals, they live in as real surroundings as possible, providing you as a visitor with as an experience as real as possible. If the seals want to meet us they come, and if not, we will have to wait - just as in real nature. Every day at 15 o'clock, the seals are being fed. If you want to learn more about the seals and how they live, come to visit!